BACKSTAGE| A talk with Anne Sofie Madsen

Fashion Scout caught up with ‘One-to-Watch’ Anne Sofie Madsen post-show to get talk details, and where she sourced her inspiration. Here’s a round-up of what she had to say.
Fashion Scout: Congratulations Anne-Sofie- we caught a collection preview in Copenhagen for their Fashion Week. How did showing in London with VFS compare to showing closer to home?
Anne-Sofie: Well, of course it’s different when you’re closer to home and it’s your own show; it’s calmer- more familiar- so that’s the difference; but it’s nice because this was new, and working with [Vauxhall Fashion Scout] we knew what to do- it was all so organised.
FS: The movement towards a darker palette, and mood: you’ve said that’s inspired by Inuit sea Goddess, Sedna. How did you find this season’s source of inspiration?
AS: I was just flipping through the internet; I was already looking for- and knew I wanted to do- something about Inuit culture. I knew I wanted to work with something scarier, along the lines of a horror theme, and that mythology- that was it.
FS: ... the sea- was this a deeper source of inspiration to draw upon, or was it more the mythology itself; the darkness of the Goddess as a mythological character?
AS: Yeah, it wasn’t so much about the sea at all- more the actual climate. I wanted it to be cold. I wanted it to be frozen. That was what the colour, and the darkness was about.
FS: ... & how do you feel now the show is over: relieved...?
AS: Not really... [laughs]. I don’t know... [pauses, & laughs again]. I haven’t decided yet...
Sara McAlpine VFS Contributor
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