COLLECTION| House of Evolution: Spiritual Gypsy Jewellery

Spiritual Gypsy Jewellery was present in the reception amongst the bustle of House of Evolution today. There, the organic looking stand stood prominently within the vast hall-space where guests were entering the show. Spiritual Gypsy's collection consisted of rich, mahogany Buddah statues on either side, embellishing gold beaded necklaces and red tassels.  Candles and spiritual palm signed peace boards and flowers also stood eye-catchingly.  
In the stand's centre: a wide bracelet stand- placed as if important, contained nine to ten covetable bracelets- each with a different variants of thinly-coiled, coloured thread. 

Gypsy jewellery attest to the designs being born out of the influence of ancient healing symbols. Wearing a piece is said to promote harmony and peace, and a bridge between heaven and earth. ‘May the Buddha in me connect to the Buddha in you.’
Another will heal issues of a past-life- with a distinctively "spiritual and psychically aesthetic effect."
Or maybe your soul requires a little TLC? If so, there’s a symbol for you; which will work on a spiritual body level, healing the soul.
The designs are unique and alluring. A special piece to have, hold and treasure, not only aesthetically, but spiritually as well. 

Emily Palmer VFS Contributor
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