Ji Cheng’s hometown, Shanghi, is the thriving fashion capital of China and a hub of exciting, fresh designers waiting to be discovered. Ji leads the way after showing her designs in London today for the first time, marking her entrance onto the international fashion stage. 

Ji’s collection is the fruit of her love and pride for her home country, a celebration of Chinese culture that she is eager to impress on the rest off the world. She has cleverly imbued a distinct and traditional culture with contemporary life and the west. Ji mixes influences of Chinese art with western techniques and tailoring that she balances in a stripped back way, denoting sophistication and a pure aesthetic. For example, minimalist maxi dresses have elegantly draped underskirts or are layered with tunics and nipped in at the waist with a silk sash. Long skirts with side splits are teamed with a shirt and jackets are worn as short dresses. A plain dress has tassels that hang down the back, a subtle hint to orientalism. Ji uses contemporary western garments as her canvas and adds details that are synonymous with traditional Chinese design. The mix of cultures is heritage verses contemporary is harnessed by a quest for beauty, reflected in a plain white dress covered in appliqué gold flecked flowers.

Her palette is modern as mutual tones of beige and mocha are clashed with fiery Chinese reds, oranges and lime. The collection features several traditional wrap jackets in futuristic holographic fabric.

Amy Jane Lockwood, VFS Contributor
Photography by Rowan Papier,