COLLECTION| Leutton Postle AW12

There are a lot of advantages to being a design duo; a range of specialist techniques and knowledge of textiles is one particularly present in the Leutton Postle A/W 12 collection.
Models walk to a primitive tribal beat setting the tone of the collection. Craft is key to the garments which are a showcase of the different fabrics and techniques used by the duo. Face motifs appear in patchworks, knit and collages sewn together from pom-poms and tassels. Earthy natural tones are contrasted against solid blocks of bold primary colours and flashes of metallic fabrics used in the intricately hand crafted  and intensely detailed pieces. Texture is varied and ranges from fine sheer fabric windows which show the models skin through to a much rougher texture frame with chunky knitwear in various stitches. The collection also has a cheerful, playful element, models faces disguised by masks of faces echoing those used in the garments.
The inspirations are as diverse as the pieces themselves -  tinsel, faces and blocks. 

Hazel Brereton, VFS Contributor, 
Follow her @hazelbrereton
Photography by Raul Rosillo and Natalia Ilina