COLLECTION| T.Lipop Vs Asger Juel Larsen AW12

A real buzz of excitement filled the hall as people were shown to their seats to watch the eagerly awaited T.lipop v Asger Juel Larsen presentation. A war march style sound with muffled chants and mechanical beats formed the soundtrack produced by Joseph Ash Worth. AJL's collection entitled 'Lucid Disorder' took the runway in a marriage of eastern European military with elements of the  fragile and industrial. A gothic colour palette harmonised with earthy hues, Paisley and a dash of of red brought the soviet theme to life.

Lots of outerwear was featured with heavy trenches and a focus headwear with  fur Cossack hats and snood style hoods. asymmetric hemlines on chunky knits, sharp tailoring and intelligent placement of zips.  Skinny structured legs featuring an extreme drop crotch style hareem pant on some styles. 
In a very clear and sharp contrast T.Lipop had a contemporary heritage thread running through it's collection with it's field trip aesthetic and playful styling. Beautiful tailoring and flawless construction were evident and Although the collection was for A/W it still featured shorts and cropped trousers. Looks were created with a clever use of layering and  accessories included fur back packs and other elements of an outdoor survival kit.

Louis Driver - VFS Contributor
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Photography by Rowan Papier,