Inspired by dark romanticism, the collection from Alice Lee at Vauxhall Fashion Scout pushed boundaries between eroticism and modesty; the lack of skin on show was off-set by the use of clinging and sheer materials. 
Although it was reminiscent of a gothic era, futurism was an evident theme in the show through the combination of material mediums.  Some examples displayed plastic woven into wool, creating a juxtaposition of messages between conservative and fetish, and traditional and modern. 
The monochromatic palette was injected with streaks of orange and blue through the models’ hair, which acted as a key element to the outfit as a whole.  It seemed to be a celebration of the body, with cut-out backs and smooth silhouettes. The whole collection demonstrated Alice and Lee’s appreciation of subtlety and quality. 

By Abigail Gurney-Read, VFS Contributor
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Photography by Natalia Ilina