COLLECTION| Spijkers en Spijkers AW12

Flying to a comedic old fashioned song with elements of old fashioned cinema the birds of paradise flew gracefully along the catwalk in shades of tan, orange and navy mixed with berry purple. Creative construction incorporating geometric deco style seams and hems form an integral part of the collection, with bold geometric tessellation in places with accompanying panel work. There was a real contemporary feel for the 1930's shapes and silhouettes. With a nod towards 'Grey Gardens' this classy eccentric story was told through the interesting use of print and texture. In amongst the dresses featured masculine tailoring in the form of a tuxedo and wide leg play suit. Barely there make up, created a fresh look with pastel eye shadow in varying shades. Set and moulded hair with a subtle unkempt fuzz was kept in place with a primary coloured acrylic Alice band. Whilst all looks were set off with black patent heels with a feather embellishment worn with sheer pop socks. Some looks incorporated an embroidered bird brooch.
Front row onlooker Schelay McCarter commented on the innovative tailoring and the stunning seductive shilouettes as well as the 1930's inspired art deco influences that are key for this season. Of Vauxhall Fashion Scout she states that she feels that we're 'right on the pulse of new and up coming fashion designers'.

Louis Driver VFS Contributor
Victoria Fura VFS Contributor

Photography: Christopher Dadey.