INTERVIEW| The Body Shop's Lan Nquyen

Yesterday our Blog Editor Cass Gowing (T: @CassGowinggot a chance to interview Body Shop's Woman of the moment Lan Nquyen- Head of the Body Shop Team working with Vauxhall Fashion Scout over London Fashion Week. 

With the inside scoop on this season's trends, Body Shop's latest and greatest products and how to achieve that catwalk look- this exclusive insider interview is not to be missed...

Cass, Vauxhall Fashion Scout: Hi Lan, This is the second season that Body Shop has been the official make-up sponsors for Vauxhall Fashion Scout, what was it like working with VFS last season?
Lan: Last season was such a successful season with The Body Shop as the products really came into play on the catwalk. We got to show the versatility of the brand and created some great looks on trend that are coming through now. Working with Vauxhall has been such a great pleasure and last season was so organised and efficient I felt it was over too quick!! Everyone was so organised and really attended to our needs backstage.

VFS: What has been your favourite London Fashion Week show that you’ve worked on?
L: This is a hard question, as I really do love every show I do, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do it for the sake of it... If I had to choose I would say the OTW designers, as they're just at the beginning stages of their career.

VFS: What’s the best thing about working backstage for VFS?
L: The best thing is being in the middle of all the action and seeing everything happen from the start- early morning to leaving late at night! Everyone is like a family and always happy working together to make sure it runs smoothly.

VFS: As the Head Make-up artist for VFS, you will be organising your team to create the designer’s make-up visions through using Body Shop products. Who does your team consist of?
L: My team consists of freelance artists from all areas of the industry- key artists that I have worked with for years and met through my travels. I also use the opportunity of teaching and having master classes to source fresh young talent to work with me.

VFS: What can’t you live without when working backstage?
L: When working backstage I can’t live without my brushes and my first assistant who is always a step a head of my needs.

VFS: What shows are you looking forward to creating looks for this season?
L: This season I’m really looking forward to creating looks for Pam Hogg and Inbar Spector.

VFS: What are the make-up trends that are set to be huge for AW12/13?
L: Eyebrows are at a come back with plenty of colour everywhere! Eyes, lips, cheeks- what you love, you get. There is so much muted tones of classic colours such as orange, red, light stained berry, less black warms tones and clean finishes on the skin.

VFS: What is the easiest way for people to translate this trend from the catwalk to at home?
L: The easiest way is to take a small element of what they like and apply a splash of it whether it is just a simple eye, or a simple lip gloss. 

VFS: How do you keep up to date with the upcoming beauty trends?
L: To keep up with the beauty trends is through product knowledge. This is so vital to my job to know what is coming out before they are on the shelves.

VFS: What’s your favourite beauty tip?
L: My favourite beauty tip is to mix your foundation base and concealer together with highlighter or illuminator to get a flawless but natural effect on the skin.

VFS: What’s the best thing about working for Body Shop?
L: My favourite thing about working for The Body Shop is playing with their range and bringing my creative touch to their brand. It's like cooking! Mixing up the ingredients to see what you get! Apart from it being cruelty free makeup that is also skin friendly!

VFS: What Body Shop products do you swear by?
L: I swear by is their liquid eyeliner, higher and mineral shimmer powders. Also the range of moisturisers are incredible to use- giving all different effects on the skin.

A massive thanks to Lan Nquyen and Body Shop for taking the time out for this exclusive interview. We're so excited for London Fashion Week and the chance to work with the amazing team at Body Shop again! 

For more information on The Body Shop head over to their website by clicking here or head over to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout website, here for more information on designers and sponsors for this season at London Fashion Week.