EXHIBITION| Ekaterina Kukhareva AW12

Currently on display in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition space are pieces from Ukrainian-born designer, Ekaterina Kukhareva’s Autumn/ Winter collection. Inspired by a 1986 Saharan-themed VOGUE editorial, Kukhareva brings forth the Middle-East in a sartorial reimagining of the harem and Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti’s threatening- but powerfully alluring- beauty.

Constructed with Italian yarns fashioned into fabrics by the textile-trained designer herself, Kukhareva’s skill manifests itself by way of intricately woven macramé, sculpted into effeminate contours onto sandy-hued crochet. It’s this personal touch in the crafting of garments from singular fibres into heavy-wool, and viscose-sheaths that brings not just a depth of texture, but a garment showcasing skill from the earliest stages of production upwards. See the “harem chic”, Arabian night inspired pieces in our exhibition space on the first floor.

Images and text:
Sara McAlpine VFS Sub-Editor
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