EXHIBITION| Eleanor Amoroso AW12

Eleanor Amoroso studied at Westminster, graduating 2 years ago. Her Autumn Winter collection takes it's main inspiration from the ancient rope knotting technique Macramé. When asked about the direction for the collection, she informs us that she creates garment shapes from the type of knot that she uses. This season the knot is a standard repeat, as previous collections have seen a more intricate style of knotting. Detail in the collection sees the use of copper piping and chain woven into the elaborate pieces. To compliment this she has also formed a range of accessories using macramé. The main body of the collection is black, with a very subtle hint of nude, and her previous collections have seen the use of creams. Currently garmets are made to order and when asked who she would like to see in one of her garments she informed us that it had been suggested that a cream peice would look great on Lana Del Ray. The future may also see bridal pieces for this talented designer.

Louis Driver VFS Contributor, Vicky Fura, VFS Contributor
@Organic_Pirate @vic123x
Photography by Natalia Ilina