Find Your DASH Magazine at VFS

Not only supporting new design talent on the catwalks but also promoting new fashion industry talents- Vauxhall Fashion Scout would like to introduce Dash Magazine. 

A London-based high fashion editorial, lifestyle, illustration and art publication, it is THE fashion magazine with a strong focus on fashion art and fashion illustration intended for opinion formers. Born as the illustrated magazine for fashion and fashion art-  it the agency for fashion artists. DASH presents a means to find and explore new talents in the fashionable creative industry. 

Devoted to the fabrication of images, concepts and articles with a high level of depth and aesthetics. With known and up-and-coming contributors- as an artistic periodical, Dash Magazine aims to provide an analytic discourse, making a statement and providing joy through the medium of words and art. 

With editor NoéMie Schwaller at the helm and fashion heavy-weights Andrew Tucker, from the British Fashion Council and Features Editor Harry Weiler from Not Just a Label on the team, DASH Magazine has already firmly cemented its place in the world of fashion publications.

They know where their creative voice is- far from the usual fashion glossies, DASH Magazine emphasises emerging new talents of our future and traditional fashionable trends remerging. Style, media and the creative industry is what we embody, and we are inspirational in our own way- striving to create an aesthetic experience as one, where the readers find their lifestyle needs fulfilled. The only limit is that of our own imagination...

By allowing a free scope to artists‘ graphic fantasy, giving it the carte blanche, they can convey a far more potent message. Showing the beauty of processes within fashion, art and creation through a visually stimulating imagery of the fashion scene, we sell lifestyle and fashion worlds only dare to dream of. 

As an independent magazine aimed at a demographic of all genders, we provide a platform to showcase bud- ding talents from fashion, illustration, photography and art in the form of a demanding and questioning high fashion publication.

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