David Gandy, interviewed by Sara McAlpine
"Really nice collection; I thought it was very British, very tailored. It was very safe with the navy blues, and the charcoal greys, but then you’ve got the military red. It was really inspiring. I loved that hat too; I might have to get myself one of those."

Laura Bailey, interviewed by Sara McAlpine
"I loved it, I wanted everything for me in extra, extra small."

Henry Holland, interviewed by Cass Gowing
"I loved the show. I really liked the flashes of red- the really bright, pillar-box red; and I thought the grey and the black mix was really nice. I want to order both- if not, at least one- of the duffle coats... This is a really nice venue, so I'll be back this evening."

Photography by Rowan Papier,