INTERVIEW| Inbar Spector Accessory Designer, Lara Jensen

We caught up with Lara Jensen- designer behind Inbar Spector's bejewelled masks- post-show to ask a few questions about her inspirations, the design process, and her relationship with the Inbar.

VFS: What was the inspiration behind your face pieces?
LJ: Lots of colour, Tattoos and body applications, Arabian’s, fragility. I wanted them to be like Faberge face pieces.”

VFS: How long did they take to create? 
LJ: I started about three or four months ago.”

VFS: How long have you been working with Inbar?”
LJ: We only started working together explicitly three or four months ago but I have known about her work for a long time because many of my pieces were being styled with Inbar’s clothes in different shoots, so really it was other people who put our work together. Other people already decided that we worked well together. Then Inbar messaged me to ask if I wanted to get involved.”

Amy Jane Lockwood VFS Contributor
Photography: Rowan Papier and Raul Rosillo