INTERVIEW| Inbar Spector

The Inbar Spector show was a  highly charged, dramatic event and emotions continued to run high after the show as show-goers whooped and even cried with joy. Crowds of fans, friends and family gathered around the petite Inbar, glad in silver and white chiffon and clutching a large bouquet, to congratulate her.

VFS: What were your main inspirations behind this collection?
IS: I always have lots of inspirations, and I keep many of the same themes from season to season, but I think the main inspiration was escapism, escapism from winter, from its darkness and heaviness. I am also inspired by the body and things like plastic surgery. This is why I use laser cut, to explore where the body ends and the garment begins: The material is almost weaved into the skin.

VFS: What are the key developments in this collection from last season?
IS: I kept the same ideas but I used lots of colour, lots of bright colour to lift us from winter. Last season was very dark, almost religious, scary and violent. This collection is playful. I want to have fun because fashion is not serious.

VFS: Where does the face jewellery come from? Can you tell us more about them?
IS: The face pieces were created by Lara Jensen. I wanted to cover the face to show contrast: On the one hand we have playfulness and escapism but in contrast to this we mask and we hide. They create a border between us and others and the world.

VFS: Your designs are incredibly intricate and detailed, how long do they take to create?
IS: Actually I spend about 80/90% of the time thinking and the other 10% is extremely hard work where I don’t eat or sleep, I don’t see my family.

VFS: Your designs are regal and feminine- in an empowering way. Your stylists described how Elizabeth I inspired the hair. Are you inspired by strong women?
IS: I was inspired by the Elizabethans, but I always have lots of inspirations, it’s like a collage in my head all the time. I was also inspired by clowns, so there is a contrast of discipline with fun. I believe that women shouldn’t cover their bodies. They should be confident and sexy but serious at the same time. So I guess I m a feminist!

VFS: Now that it’s all over, how do you plan to celebrate?
IS: I plan to celebrate with lots of sleep! And spending lots of time with my family, because they are a really big part of the team, they help with sewing, and other tasks.

Interview by Amy Jane Lockwood, VFS Contributor
Photography by Rowan Papier and Natalia Ilina