Vauxhall Fashion Scout spoke to Russian designer, Olga Roh exhibiting her label, Rohmir this afternoon, which is celebrating it’s fifth year in action.  

VFS: Your S/S 2012 collection showcased here at Vauxhall Fashion Scout last year was tropical, colourful and luxurious. Bird’s of paradise inspired pieces. What are the key influences, inspirations and differences between the current range and this one?
Olga Roh: There is a strong difference. This time the Rohmir girl is travelling all over the world. Travelling through a silk road. It’s a melting point of everything, from my home in Russia and beyond. Russia is a point of so many nationalties and cultures where people mix together. And it’s a moment and idea of where people merge together on their journey’s. I’m encorporating my personal journey and travels into the outfits and their details, creating a more sophisticated and shrewd tone. All of my pieces are wearable with a timeless elegance and this transcends throughout all of my collections. 
VFS: Is this your Second Collection?
Olga Roh: My first collection was in 2009 presenting in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. I featured a couple of collections here. But London is a new business venture and opportunity and challenge. In september last year I decided to come to London. I prefer it more here to Paris and people are more open to new designers and newcomers. I find it beautiful that there are so many engaging people here, focused welcoming and warm. I want to share my vision with London and this is what I have been focusing on. And it’s a chance to go to a place I love. To travel through a silk road. 
VFS: You have an entrepenueral flair about you having opened four stores throughout the globe, London, Hong Kong, Berlin and St. Moritz.  What are your favourite pieces from your current collection and can every garment exhibited be found at these stores? 
Olga Roh: The laces and the combination of lace with other fabrics are my favourite and the strong mixture of asian and arabic styles. I’m passionate about the leather worked into my leggings. A lot of leggings don’t fit well around the knees and hips but my pieces are fitted, flattering and wearable. The pieces can be found and brought at all of the stores. 
I have built up a factory as a new project in Hong Kong which is working only for high end, so it’s not only for my brand but some other brands in Italy and the states. To be an entrepeneur is something new and something dear to my heart as I never expected to be a businesswoman. I was always an artist a person who is very motivated and focused by creativity. 
VFS: Where do you see yourself going from here?
Olga Roh: It’s quite important for me not to stop so my new collection is already in progression. I go from one project straight to the next. This industry is a competitive environment, with many interests and emotions. We need to always be in competition, but in friendly competition and loyal in regard to other designers. 

Emily Palmer VFS Contributor
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