INTERVIEW| Shahzad Mohaydin, designer behind MATH

Vauxhall Fashion Scout rushed backstage to catch MATH designer Shahzad Mohaydin after his first independent runway show. 

VFS: Post show! MATH's first solo catwalk show has just finished, tell me how you're feeling?
SM: It's a really difficult feeling to actually describe. because I honestly never thought this would be a reality, could ever be possible. When you are walking into the building and you see the board and you see the space, it takes you aback. So I feel amazing.
VFS: What do you think of the space here at Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Freemason's Hall?
SM: It's, honestly, so beautiful. You've got two different spaces; the clean, big room where you can have clothes that can really carry it. Then you've got the hall, which I exhibited in, which I think is so grand. It's got so many smaller, beautiful details which really fit in with the collection. I was even saying to the stylist, that even tones on the floor that match the colours in the collection! It was amazing, I love Vauxhall Fashion Scout.
VFS: What do you think about VFS as a platform for emerging designers like yourself?
SM: I honestly wouldn't be here without Vauxhall [Fashion Scout]. To have have been lucky enough to showcase as part of House of Evolution last time, then for VFS to have selected me to come back to show my own collection, it really makes you feel like you have people that really support you. In this industry, you work alone, there is one person in this business! So to have people who are backing you, it's unbelievable. I'm so grateful to VFS for everything they've done for me... It's so big! To be with VFS is such a big deal, part of that is a real honour, I really appreciate it. It's a real opportunity. 
VFS: Can you give me a little bit of information about this line, what is your AW12 collection about?
SH: It's not about a fantasy women, but inspired by the women who actually buy my clothes, who my customers are. Meeting these people, they're looking for clothes which are elegant and understated but they have a fashion edge to them. Secondly, I love London, I love this city, we've got so much tradition and heritage, there's a real culture here that has been lost slightly. But now you have all of these designers who are really pushing London Fashion Week, I think it's so important to keep London on the map. Everything [in my collection] is produced here in London. It's a real inspiration to mix the heritage with the modern roots; the leather, the zips. It's a nod to the heritage. 

VFS: Once again, congratulations on your first solo catwalk. Have fun celebrating!

Interview by Cass Gowing, VFS Blog Editor
T: @CassGowing,
Photography by Natalia Ilina,