INTERVIEW| Sophie Conti, Fashion GPS

“It is so hard to choose a favourite our of all of the amazing designers that are exhibited with Vauxhall Fashion Scout.  If I had to choose, my top three would be; Nova Chiu, I love their refreshing mixture of colour and texture, all the while keeping a sense of luxury through the use of rabbit; MASC, their shapes and silhouettes are incredible, as well as their muted colour palette; and finally, Anne Sofie Madsen, the embroidery, detailing and architectural silhouettes are really eye catching.  
The partnership between Vauxhall Fashion Scout and Fashion Monitor makes perfect sense.  There’s complete congruency in terms of there being budding designers within London who are getting the coverage that they need to succeed .  You have the talent, which is sourced by Vauxhall Fashion Scout combined with Fashion Monitor’s ability to add a lot of editorial value and coverage to these new designers.  I think it’s a fantastic partnership, and I can’t wait to see where it grows and develops.” 
Sophie was interviewed by,
Abigail Gurney-Read VFS Contributor
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Photography by Abigail Gurney-Read