BACKSTAGE| Florian Jayet Interview

We caught up with Florian Jayet post-show, and managed to fit in a couple quick questions before the bustling, media pack queuing behind us started to fight us for him.
Fashion Scout: Congratulations on the show Florian! You’ve definitely done something different with this collection than with previous collections. We know you’re heavily influenced by your biologist background- is this something that’s carried through to your current designs?
Florian: Yes, it’s something that I use when I’m thinking of how I want to work with the textures of the clothes, and also inspires the prints. I definitely think that influence is still present in the shapes as well.
FS: Would you say that it contributes to your development as a designer? How would you say your style has changed since starting your design career?
F: I think I’ve actually gone back to what I was doing before. I have developed, but I’ve gone back to focusing on more structured pieces. Very empowered, very structured. Previously, there was a softer shape, but definitely more emphasis on structure this season.
FS:... & finally- as there’s a huge queue of media ready to fight over you- how do you feel now that you’ve shown with Vauxhall Fashion Scout today? 
Vauxhall Fashion Scout is definitely one of the best venues for new designers to show; this is definitely going to help me. It’s got a reputation: it’s one of the best.
Sara McAlpine VFS Contributor
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