BACKSTAGE| Interview with the stylist for Florian Jayet's AW12 show..

Fashion Scout: Hey Heather, so you’re styling Florian’s Autumn/ Winter show this season; what’s this collection about, and how are you working that into the styling?
Heather: This season’s collection is very tribal, so we’re channeling that through the accessories too. We’ve got masks, and we’ve also got jewellery from Bjorg. It’s all very dark, tribal, and Pan’s Labyrinth inspried.
How are you looking too style the actual pieces? Are we going to be seeing layering, or is it a stripped back affair in keeping with the accessories?
We’ve got lots of layering and contrasting textures; we’ll be mixing prints and bright colours too.
Are we still going to be seeing very nature-inspired work, as with his previous collections?
Yes, definitely. He’s told me that this season, he’s been really inspired but nature, but this time, it’s more focused on history, so really looking into tribes as well.
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