Official Vauxhall Fashion Scout Sponsor Announced... SNOG Frozen Yogurt is returning to VFS.

Vauxhall Fashion Scout is delighted to announce that for the second season running, SNOG Frozen Yogurt will be an official sponsor at London Fashion Week in February. 

SNOG is a perfect partner for Vauxhall Fashion Scout- supporting and advocating the latest and best in design, art, music and fashion. Having worked with prestigious London institute the Royal College of Art to develop their pop-up store for Liberties of London, SNOG has also worked with young designers in the past to develop the SNOG brand aesthetic. 

A healthy, tasty treat- SNOG is 100% frozen yogurt, using the freshest and healthiest ingredients to produce a truly delightful taste sensation. With zero fat and three gorgeous flavours to choose from- SNOG is the perfect London Fashion Week pick-me-up for the fashion elite. 

We are looking forward to welcoming back the SNOG team serving up delicious, healthy treats to the wonderful attendee's at the Freemason's Hall at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. 

Take a look at their tasty delights on the SNOG website- here.
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