COLLECTION| Ones To Watch: Nova Chiu AW12.

Colour was everywhere at Nova Chiu; with not one tone of the spectrum being ignored.  Inspired by ancient Chinese cultures, Chiu demonstrated incredible skill with embroidery and textiles.  
Everything about the show was joyful, from the sing-along choice of music to the addictive colour use.  Opulence was a key factor in each piece, with gold thread used throughout, as well as multi-coloured furs and statement hats. Silhouettes were varied, yet all exhibited sculpture and solidity; a perfect contrast to the delicacy of her embroidery and prints.  

Nova’s unique approach to fabric and design was evident, and managed to make the heaviest of fabrics appear light and joyful.  
Spectators left with a spring in their step and a feeling that they had just witness something incredibly special.

Abigail Gurney-Read VFS Contributor
Follow her @AbbyGurneyRead
Photography: Simon Armstong