As one of the most anticipated shows at Vauxhall Fashion Scout this season, Pam Hogg’s collection was the subject of mass speculation and media hype.  We are delighted to announce, that she certainly did not disappoint. 

Her collection for this season, dubbed ‘WILD life’, opened with models decked in geometric body-con creations in bold hues of red, black, white, and grey.  From the neck down, the theme seemed to be inspired by modernism; however, each model was also adorned with an outgoing coned bonnet, which extended from the nape of the neck out over the head. 

It was at this point that Jaime Winstone emerged from backstage, sporting a dress which combined elements of folk-wear and youth; however, juxtaposed with the modern themes of the creations which preceded it. 

As the show progressed, a patent silver replaced the fierce red of the opening garments; evolving the tone of the show into extra-terrestrial territory, and a deeply futuristic aesthetic.  The combination of materials used in each unique creation ranged from leather to sheer netting, which added a further juxtaposition to the collection between natural beauty and fetish adornment.  Hogg’s use of metallics and fur trim - which made a surprising appearance on a select few garments - harnessed themes of grandeur and luxury. 

Thigh-skimming, platform boots in PVC and strategically placed black bows went towards supporting the show’s fetish aesthetic. 

The final few pieces of Hogg’s ‘WILD Life’ collection, teased onlookers with a suggestible yet innocent nudity; as if the models represented the image of a fallen angel.  Although there were similarities with the opening pieces - such as the use of sheer, and the continuation of the bonnets - the denouement garments demonstrated a complete transformation from the ones that were initially showcased.  Light, flowing materials in hues of baby pink were cascaded across the body; detailed with intricate embellishments and lace inserts. 

The maverick herself, Pam Hogg, was greeted with a standing ovation at the show’s conclusion; a testament to the popularity and celebrated skill of this artist. 

Abigail Gurney-Read VFS Contributor
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Images by Asia, Finale image by Raul Rosillo.
Illustration by Michalis Christodoulou