PARIS| David Longshaw - Paris Showroom - A/W12

British designer David Longshaw is already a staple within British design. Hailed as "romantic, determined and with a fervid imagination" by Vogue Italia, his collections blend beautiful construction with intricate and vivid hand-drawn illustrations that give him a unique and stunning collection time after time. 

Beautifully feminine, sweetly playful yet effortlessly chic- the combination of elegance and youth in David's collections make him an instant leader in the British talent arena- not just in fashion, but illustration. With each collection comes a different inspiration, and David Longshaw provides visionary illustration based films to communicate the origins of his creations. 

Already part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout family, as former One To Watch designer, David Longshaw previews his A/W12 collection with Vauxhall Fashion Scout exclusively at our new Paris Showroom. To view his inspirations, previous collections and personal biography, head over to his website by clicking here.

View his entire collection at by pressing here