COLLECTION| Prophetik AW12

Prophetik fused a hard-hitting message with high-fashion for day two of Vauxhall Fashion Scout's fashion week. Opening with a short video presenting the harsh realities of poaching in South Africa, spectators were reminded of the real costs of certain high-end fashions.
Inspired by Princess Grace, the show kicked off to a heavy-bass, house track, setting the pace for the show, whilst a small-set orchestra waited in the wings. A graceful, bridal inspired collection took to the runway, emphasising the grace of the show's source of inspiration. Elegant dresses shifted from pale, creamy hues to deeper shade, and black; elaborately adorned with lace embroidery. The equestrian theme was noted through the footwear- black equestrian boots- and the collection's mixed tweeds and oxblood-reds; adding an English countryman feel to the show.
A collection of gold and navy brocade evening gowns with exposed backs, took pride of place to add ultimate glamour to the otherwise Victorian shilouettes, tied back with tight knotted up-do's pulled fresh off the face, with make up just a fresh, blushed checks and heavy brows. The show ended with a remix of timeless Houston classic, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", as the Collection took one last walk along the runway; an electric end to the show.
Vicky Fura VFS Contributor
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Photography: Rowan Papier