SPONSOR| Jo Sugar for The Body Shop talks about working with Vauxhall Fashion Scout for London Fashion Week

The Body Shop has been a long running sponsor of The Vauxhall Fashion Scout for season after season. Their backstage teams work around the clock to produce the most outrageous, beautiful and often startling make up for both on and off the catwalk runway. We caught up with one of the Team Leader's, Jo Sugar on working with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, up-coming trends and why The Body Shop sponsorship is so important to British fashion.

VFS: Vauxhall Fashion Scout and The Body Shop have been working together for London Fashion Week for a while now- where does your personal interest come into the that?
JS: Well, I love fashion I love being creative- fashion week is the time that I really get to play, and do make up that i might not necessarily get to do all year round. It's nice to get to play and have a bit of fun and push the boundaries a little bit.

VFS: What's your favourite look been this season?
JS: Wow, that's difficult- everything's been so amazing. I really like Pam Hogg's make-up, it was very different and I also really liked the House of Evolution make-up as there was three different looks. I really liked the whites used- we did white bands across the eyes and with the hair by the Toni & Guy team, I think it really worked. Prophetik also had very nice, beautiful make up, but MATH was really beautiful- really fresh, clean and dewy. Very simple but very beautiful. 

VFS: Do you have a favourite Body Shop product you like to use?

JS: I do have my favourites!  The Body Shop products are so easy to use and create looks, they do a really good job. I love the illuminisor, I also love the Mineral Virgin Foundation. There are certain products I always use- for instance, I always use the brow kits on every show and I love the brow pencils! I always use the illuminisor if I can, if it fits with the look. The moisturising foundation I've been putting in on every show too.

VFS: Obviously these shows are for A/W, with Spring around the corner- are there any big trends coming up?
JS: There's been a big theme with navies and colours becoming more muted. We're beginning to move away form the stronger red tones and leaning more towards orange. Also we've seen some pastel colours which are amazing coming through and possibly going on into next season. Working during London Fashion Week- all the designers are so different and with Vauxhall Fashion Scout especially, by nurturing up-and-coming designers they really do like to push it, and there's such a variation in looks. Although you can say there is a trend, with the designers at showing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, they don't always choose to stay on trend- the designers like to play and be individual. 

VFS: Fantastic! And finally - what makes the collaboration with Vauxhall Fashion Scout so special?
JS: What is great about Vauxhall Fashion Scout is they really support the young designers and they give the designers the teams and the creative people they need for support and to be around them to help them shine as individual designers. Without Vauxhall Fashion Scout these designers may not be able to show their collections and reach out to the people that they need to. It's such a great platform for them, with great people involved- especially with the sponsorship, and it enables them to showcase professionally and for people to really enjoy their collections. 

Images by Rowan Papier - http://www.rowanpapier.com/
Images 3 & 5 by Natalina Ilina - http://www.nataliailina.com/gallery.php?gallery=fashion
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