SPONSOR| Vauxhall Fashion Scout provides the fashion elite with an extra special SNOG

What would make Vauxhall Fashion Scout that much sweeter...? 
How about some low fat frozen yogurt in a range of flavours, with fresh fruit and chocolate? 

Well our wish came true at The Freemason's Hall this season with the sensational SNOG team popping in to keep us stocked with luscious fresh frozen yogurt samples, served on silver platters from the beautiful SNOG team, straight off the catwalk...

The dedicated team of guys and girls from SNOG were always smiling as they enticed the Vauxhall Fashion Scout visitors with a selection of delicious frozen yogurt varieties- ranging from refreshing mandarin to cheeky chocolate. Both the team and the yogurt proved popular, with the question on everyone's lips being "can I have a SNOG?"

With shops across London, you're never far away from a cheeky SNOG.. Have a look for yourself at the SNOG website by clicking here.
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