BACKSTAGE| The Body Shop UK interview

The Body Shop has done a fantastic job with the make-up this week, creating looks for every show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. We caught up with Kelly from the team to discuss their highlights and favourite looks for the coming seasons.

VFS: What have you got out of collaborating with Vauxhall Fashion Scout?
Kelly: There’s so many different designers, so much inspiration going on. There’s a great atmosphere.
VFS: You’ve been doing the make-up for autumn/winter collections but what are your favourite trends from spring/summer?
Kelly: I love all the pastel colours at the moment because it translates really well with the make-up. That’s what I’m really going for, the pastel blues, pinks and greens.
VFS: What have you seen that’s quite recurrent for autumn/winter?
Kelly: The lip colours, reds are really, really strong this year. I think it will be for next season as well. It’s something a lot of the designers have been inspired by. All the designers keep saying ‘oh I want that blood red look’. It looks so nice on everyone as well so I can understand it.
VFS: What do you love most about doing the Vauxhall Fashion Scout shows?
Kelly: There isn’t even one thing I could pick out I just love it all. The buzz of it. The only thing is I’m tired but everyone is!
VFS: What has been your highlight show this season?
Kelly: I enjoyed Raffael Ascione and Ubuntu.

Interview by Sarah Potter and Olivia Pinnock, VFS Contirbutors

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Photography by Rowan Papier,