PARIS| BODYAMR - Paris Showroom AW12


London-born Amr Ali is with Vauxhall Fashion Scout in Paris to push powerfully feminine designs that project the intrinsically alluring, seductive quality of the woman inside them. The BODYAMR designer, and business partner Drew Muntz spoke to Vauxhall Fashion Scout about the woman inspiring this collection, and how it feels to be showing with VFS a second time.

“With this season’s collection, it’s very much about solidifying the ‘BODYAMR’ woman, and who she is: covered, but at the same time, body-powerful. We were leaving a party one night, and an incredible woman in front of us just turned and glanced over her shoulder with such a look, and we thought- it’s about that- that erogenous, seductive zone. That’s really the story behind the placement of the crystal highlighting on the column dresses: the shoulders, and the hips to emphasise the woman inside the clothes.”

“This is our second time in the Paris show-room with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and we can see how they’re so unique in how they fly the flag for these great designers. A lot of thought goes into curating the room- not just with their selection, but the way they’ve put the rooms together as well. Vauxhall Fashion Scout are very pro-artisan, and new labels, and also recognise the important of business, and are there to support you all the way.”

Interview by Blog Sub-Editor Sara McAlpine
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