PARIS| Designer Interview - Charlotte Simpson - Paris Showroom

Only three weeks since showcasing her graduate collection, Charlotte Simpson has upped-sticks with us to Paris to shed more light on her bio-inspired wears, and how it feels to have travelled so fast from student to overseas-showroom.

“A lot of my work is based on an interest in increased surface-area in internal biology; which has been worked into the collection with the embroidery, and everything being entirely covered. The point was to increase the surface area of every garment, so everything this season is very long, and very column-like: everything just continues as one fluid piece. There are so many great things, and so much great imagery in biology, so [as a source of inspiration], I think that will continue.

It’s really great to be in Paris, and this is my first season, so it’s been such a whirlwind showing in both London, and here. I’m really enjoying being here with Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and learning, and soaking in as much information as I can.”

Interview by Blog Sub-Editor Sara McAlpine
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