PARIS| Merit Award Winner Phoebe English - Paris Showroom - A/W12

Merit Award winner Phoebe English stunned the crowds at London Fashion Week with her A/W collection of complex layering techniques and impressive blend of synthetic and natural textures and fabrics to bring a truly unique collection to Vauxhall Fashion Scout. 

The Phoebe English collection, along with 22 other fantastic emerging designers from London, Europe and around the world is at Paris Fashion Week for one week only as part of the new Vauxhall Fashion Scout Showroom. 

Set in the heart of the Marais and just moments away from Paris Fashion Week and other London Showrooms including Trace PR and the BFC London Showrooms, the new Vauxhall Fashion Scout showroom is not to be missed. 

To see more about the Showroom and the hottest line up of emerging designers for Paris Fashion Week, just click here.

The Vauxhall Fashion Scout Showroom is at 18 Rude Des 4 Fils, 75003, Paris. 
For appointments call: +44 (0) 7824 601 732