PARIS| Paris Highlights - Designer Interview - Mattijs

   Mattijs A/W Collection, Vauxhall Fashion Scout, February 2012

After a busy week at the new Paris Showroom for part of Paris Fashion Week, Vauxhall Fashion Scout took 5 minutes away from scheduling next season to catch up with one of our fantastic designers, Mattijs, to talk about Vogue Italia, being in Paris and how to survive at Paris Fashion Week...

Vauxhall Fashion Scout: What made you want to be a part of the VFS Paris Showroom?
Mattijs: To have high level of visibility with a strong group of people- designer showroom seems to work well to attract new buyers. The hand picked quality of great designers by Vauxhall Fashion Scout is a great group to be part of.

VFS: What did you enjoy most about being part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout showroom?
M: For one, getting so much new people in to show them the collection and hearing their opinion about it- feedback on the collection is such an important part of development through seasons. Another highlight was getting to know the other designers- normally you don’t get that chance to meet and exchange ideas.

VFS: How did the VFS Paris Showroom benefit you as a brand?
M: With great media coverage and high profile buyers coming through the showroom this will result in a positive for this season.

VFS: What buyers/media/industry insiders did you enjoy meeting at Vauxhall Fashion Scout?
M: Too many to name, but meeting the team of Schon magazine and Grazia UK at La Perle was really good. Having highlight the collection on their website must be another highlight.

VFS: What unexpected publicity did you gain from your time at the Paris Showroom?
M: Lots of blogging coverage and a great mention on!

VFS: Finally, what are your three survival techniques for those planning on braving Paris Fashion Week again next season..?
M: Work hard, party hard, stay alive!

For more information on Mattijs and Vauxhall Fashion Scout in both Paris and London, head over to our website by simply clicking here!