PARIS| Showroom Interview - VFS talks to Drew Muntz from BODYAMR at our Paris Showroom

With buyers and press constantly coming through the door to view the new Bodyamr collection, we stole a few seconds with the Managing Director, Drew Muntz to talk about buyers, the new Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom and the Bodyamr woman...

Vauxhall Fashion Scout: Drew, you've had a huge amount of interest from buyers with Bodyamr- how have the buyers approached the new collection?

Drew Muntz: "There's been a great mixture of highly specific boutique ranges to department stores. Boutique buyers select a mixture of key pieces and department stores we can do specific lines for, taking an existing silhouette and tweaking it to create an exclusive line. 
It's actually been a really good mixture of both, the pieces are quite unique and sit very well in a boutique atmosphere but some of the styles are very easy to wear- you pick up one piece and you're ready to go, which appeals to department store buyers. Just your Bodyamr- that's all a woman needs."

VFS: What kind of buyers have you had in?

DM: "We've had buyers from all over the world- Milano, American, Russian; surprisingly not so many French buyers but a lot of store buyers from South Europe. The American buyers are great for Bodyamr- it's been not just the East Coast but the West Coast, and as the collection is very 'red-carpet' friendly, it's been really well received by the American market. 
What's important for Bodyamr is the representation of a brand- a buyers eye and selection. When you've been working with a collection for a few seasons, you get to know which buyers have the best eyes and representation for the brand- we want them to understand the BodyAmr Woman."

VFS: How do you think being at Paris Fashion Week influences buyers?

DM: "You cant be a buyer in fashion and not come to Paris, it's great the balance that the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom provides in new emerging talent because we like to introduce the buyers to up-and-coming brands, that way they can track of the designers and keep their eye on them, and then if they want to buy pieces there and then, then great!"

VFS: Why do you think buyers like to come to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom?

DM: "The buyers are very appreciative that VFS are here because it gives them the opportunity to look at new and emerging brands collectively. For them to be able to come to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom and see the hottest emerging London designers under one roof as well as designers that they already know, with good communications and PR, then they feel trusted and looked after. London is fabulous for emerging talent and it's great when you can have established brands from the same city working with them to promote new designers." 

The Vauxhall Fashion Scout Showroom is in Paris for one more day, and with 23 of the leading emerging designers, you cannot afford to miss out. 

Open 10am-5pm on Tuesday 6th March, the home of new talent- Vauxhall Fashion Scout is in the heart of the Marais- 18 Rue Des Quatre Fils, 75003, just seconds away from the previous showroom space and moments from the scheduled Paris Fashion Week shows.  

For more information on Bodyamr and Vauxhall Fashion Scout, click here