PARIS| Showroom Interviews - Monday 5th - Paris Fashion Week

Designers from all over the world are visiting the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Paris Showroom, and Barbara Gongini is no exception. Seen on and Glamour, the Copenhagen-based designer visited the home of new talent to see what she refers to as "the excellent craftsmanship" of our emerging designers. 
We caught up with her to find out what she loved about the Vauxhall Fashion Scout showroom, the designers she loved and her favourite things about Paris...

Vauxhall Fashion Scout: Hi Barbara, lovely to meet you. So what did you think about the new VFS Paris Showroom?

Barbara Gongini:  "Everybody know's Vauxhall Fashion Scout in the fashion industry, and it's a beautiful space. There are some areas that are bit more dynamic than others but i think that The Paris Showroom is something extraordinary. To come and see VFS and when you exhibit in the Marais, you see the varied selection and that's what we wanted and what you get here. "

VFS: What did you think about the designers we are showing this season?

BG: "The space is very nice and suitable for the designers and collections that are showing. They're all fantastic designers- lots of different collections and a great variety, and it's very high-end, extra-ordinary craftsmanship. T.Lipop, the menswear designer is fantastic."

VFS: What brings you to Paris?

BG: "We come every season to Paris and the Marais is my favourite part- there is so much to see. The workshops are a necessity to see for inspiration and finding new designers, the Marais is the only place to be. We don't tend to visit London, as we seem to find a larger variation in Paris and the Vauxhall Fashion Scout is a lovely place to come- the standard of the craftmanship is excellent, really nice to come to the Showroom and see it first-hand."