PARIS| T. Lipop talk to Vauxhall Fashion Scout about showing exclusively at the new Paris Showroom


T.Lipop may be a one-name label, but behind the designs, you’ll find Brightolian, Tom working with right-hand man, Ross Hancock. We caught up with the pair in our Paris showroom to find out what’s behind the designs, and why you won’t hear them talk Aborigines and Witch Doctors when it comes to what inspires their designs...

“Our approach is really about cut, quality, and luxury finish, and how we can modernise what we know today after thousands of years of dressing; it’s about how we can use that to rework the suit, the shirt, the trousers, and make them into something new, and different.

When we sit down, and start drawing, we draw out what we like, and what we want to see. It’s real clothes for real, everyday people, so there’s no sitting down and researching witch doctors, and Aborigines ... but we wanted to reference slightly, so we looked into military, and wanted to see how we could push that forward. We took elements- like the traditional duffel coat, the parka, the pea coat- and we looked at it with a T.Lipop ethos.”

... and on being with us in our Parisian show-room, the pair had this to say:

“We’re making the most of being in Paris with Vauxhall Fashion Scout- out of all the showrooms, this seems to be one that keeps the level, and the standard really high, because it’s about showcasing real talent. There’s modern, then there’s the quirky, and the avant-garde and Vauxhall Fashion Scout understand all these personalities, and manage to make them all work together in one showcase.”

Interviewed by VFS Sub-Blog Editor Sara McAlpine
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