PARIS| Vauxhall Fashion Scout talks to Designer David Longshaw

Designer David Longshaw has been part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Designer Family for season upon season. A firm favourite of, we caught up with the designer in between his buyer appointments to talk about Maude, Vogue and Paris VS. London...

Vauxhall Fashion Scout: So David, you've chosen to show your collection at our Paris Showroom instead of London, why was that?

David Longshaw: I came to Paris because I often find it more useful then London- you tend to meet more press and buyers here, especially those who tend to stock collections rather than justing passing through. 

VFS: Why do you think buyers choose to come to Paris? 

DL: Often buyers see my work on and come here specifically as its an exhibition venue rather than having shows on at the same time. That way they can look and feel and touch the garments and spend time here. 

VFS: How has your week been so far?

DL: It's been a good week-, stores and buyers from America and Japan have been in to the Showroom to view my collections and I met new buyers from a store from Dubai who already knew about Maude, so that was nice!

For more information on Maude & David - head over to his website by clicking here or head over to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout website, here.