COLLECTIONS| VFS Press Day Picks at Goodley PR

Leautton Postle AW12

Louise Gray AW12

Krystoff Strozyna AW12

Long-time friends, and design-partners Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle's second collection sat between fellow VFS designers, Krystof Stroznya and Louise Gray in the Goodley PR showroom; and we couldn't walk away without capturing the pieces' details to fully showcase the duo's craft-led knitwear. Leutton Postle's multiplicitous, reverse applique knits hung at home in the showroom's sun-lit space; light hitting every facet of the overlaid metallic patchwork, adding character to the pieces' offbeat, peeping faces. 

A half-turn to the right and Louise Gray's equally textured, bright pieces hung; this time letting embellishments and patterned glitter brocade do the talking. Blocked duo-chrome "Quick Response" prints with raw-finished edges called out the punk beneath the opulent-guise, but kept the collection feminine through form.

"Feminine" would be the choice-word for Strozyna's collection- as well as "strong" with the collection's figure enhancing silhouette, in darker hues contrasting to the Leutton Postle and Grey designs either side. Fabrics were less dense, but no less bold, considering the collection's clean-lines, and strong shoulders. 

Working with lighter fabrics, Strozyna's pieces showcased a controlled fluidity that moved only to trace the curvature of the woman within it proving Goodley's showcase of works to be full of impact; however that impact manifests...

This is only our first look to the coming season at the Autumn/Winter press days, have we got you looking forward to the rest...?

Images and text by Sara McAlpine
Follow her @sara_mcalpine