COLLECTIONS| VFS Press-Day Picks at A.I PR

Next on the list for the VFS press-room tour was the A.I PR showroom, where designers J.W Anderson and Ann-Sofie Back caught our eye.
Anderson's unapologetically "Awkward Modernity" was presented by way of dense, leather uppers that sit aloft the body, and textured knits that contrasted the patent stoicism of the oxblood, and white rigid suits.
The clinicism of the head-to-toe patent white looks from Anderson's Autumn/Winter collection was something we also saw in Back's sheer nylon overlays, atop raw-finished burgundy wool; a finish referencing how "we all come undone." If by 'undone', Back means 'lose composure', then there's certainly truth in that, as the collection's we spied in the A.I showroom had us keenly hunching over the designers' pieces, excitedly quizzing about fabrics used in each piece.

Images and text by Sara McAlpine
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