COLLECTIONS| VFS Press-Day Picks at Katch PR

London's Cirque du Soir played host to more of our designers' Autumn/Winter '12 collections as a temporary Katch PR showroom. First to meet our eye was Zeynep Tosun's futurist, urban tribalism, with precisely cut coats, and ferocity infixed in the finer details. The rigidity in the collection's structured outerwear, and stiff leather peplums was juxtaposed by the sheer panelled shirts, and fluid, white dresses. It's contrasts like these, and the minute silver tusk details in the pieces' fastenings that embody the urban, young woman today; with a vulnerability beneath the defensive exterior. 

Similarly, MATH Collective's Shahzad Mohayudin also works modernity into his collection through form and structure, ensuring an everyday wearability in a collection of luxe-material pieces. It's MATH's traditionally high-end fabrics, worked into sportswear-inspired silhouettes that emanates an understated elegance, making MATH seem a reliable choice for today's "out-the-door-in-five", but put-together woman. Another press-day showroom displaying the versatility of our designers, and how their differing aesthetics can translate similar themes.

Images and text by Sara McAlpine, 
Follow her @sara_mcalpine