INTERVIEW AND REVIEW| Bright Young Things designer Alice Lee

Back in January, a couple of Vauxhall Fashion Scout's designers were fortunate enough to be selected for Selfridge's Bright Young Things scheme. The initiative, which is designed to demonstrate the talents of emerging designers, showcase their collections in store, online and in Selfridges' window. Amongst the chosen fifteen were VFS designers T.Lipop, MASC and Alice Lee. 

Vauxhall Fashion Scout caught up with Alice from husband and wife duo Alice Lee to look back over the response to Bright Young Things and what it was like to be part of such a fantastic opportunity as a new designer.

Vauxhall Fashion Scout: How did it feel to be selected by Selfridges as part of their Bright Young Things initiative?
Alice: Fantastic to be chosen! We were really excited to get working on it.

VFS: How did you prepare for this massive opportunity?
A: The brief was really open – design and install a concept for your window that expresses your label. We wanted something visually beautiful, but also keen and modern. Our display was mostly about the magnifying discs, so all the work was actually on the nights of install. It took all three nights to hang those discs, longer than we thought.

VFS: What would you say was the highlight of your experience as part of BYT?
A: The highlight was seeing our designs in the window in Selfridges, people we hardly knew were getting in touch saying they had seen it.

VFS: How has the experience benefited you as a brand?
A: Press wise, I think immensely. We had a lot of online press coverage so it has helped to get our name out there. A two month window display at Selfridges over LFW was a great thing to be able to tell people. Also, having Selfridges as one of our stockists.

VFS: The Bright Young Things project highlights talents in fashion, art, design and food. If you had to choose your own Bright Young Thing for each category, what would they be?
A: Helen Turbe for her exquisite jewellery designs, photographer Gregory Crewdson for his mysterious atmospheric photography (it’s a balance between normal familiar life and strangeness in his pictures) and Andreia Chaves for her amazing shoes as each shoe is an individual piece of art.

To see more from Alice Lee, head to their website by clicking here.

By Editor Cass Gowing, 
Images from Blink London