COLLECTIONS| Myrza de Muynck's Autumn/Winter pick

Earlier this month, "One to Watch", Myrza de Muynck picked out her collection-favourite, explaining her choice to the VFS team. Holding up a terry-loop sweater with blush, gauze overlay, and hand-finished embellishment, the young designer explained the selection as "really feminine, but easy-going- you can just put it on- I like the lightness of it, really." She also went on to explain the "cheeky" element to the show styling- seen in the video above- claiming the "quirkiness" injected via bold animal prints, and colour-blocked accents was a play on the effeminate pastel pinks, adding character to the cool, "at-ease" Muynck-girl we're now so used to seeing. We suppose all that explains why's Jessica Bumpus picked this "One to Watch" as a fashion week favourite.

If you missed Myrza discussing other elements of her Autumn/Winter collection on the BBC's "One Show" last week, you can catch up here. You can also follow her on Twitter @myrzademuynck, and us @FashionScout.