DESIGNER EXCLUSIVE| Eleanor Amoroso talks to VFS

This week's designer exclusive is with VFS's Eleanor Amoroso. This exciting, emerging designer launched her label last year and showcased her AW12 collection during Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Exhibition at Freemason's Hall. We caught up with her to see what she's been up to since February.

Eleanor, first of all congratulations concerning the reception that you received following your exhibition showcase at Vauxhall Fashion Scout! What was the best thing about the experience?
Showcasing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout was a great experience. Meeting face to face with buyers and press is an excellent opportunity to get feedback and peoples’ reaction to my work. I met people like stylists and buyers I have already worked with and also lots of new contacts and had look book requests from Vogue, Schon and bot UK and international shops.

What have you been up to since February?
I have been busy making jewellery pieces for an order for Sister in Tokyo and following up press requests from fashion week. I am also working on a website relaunch involving rebranding and new images. I am currently organising photo shoots for this and working on creating a short film to coincide with the launch. I have also finally joined Twitter! @eleanoramoroso

Your collections are well known for being completely made from hand; on average how long does it take to make a piece?
It’s difficult to say as I tend to work on several pieces at a time. The garments tend to be made up of smaller sections, which are then hand-sewn together. I spend months developing each collection but once I have made the pieces, it is usually much quicker to remake them the second time round. I am also a lot faster at knotting now than when I first began! A piece from my graduate collection that is knotted from the shoulder down to the floor (and entirely held together with knots and no hand sewing) took me over a month to make! It felt like it would never be finished!

Wow! What keeps you motivated during such a detailed process?
Although the pieces take a long time, I find them really enjoyable to make! I find the technique so inspiring and get most of my ideas while I am working. I often have to stop and sketch as I think of new ideas and pieces often begin as one thing and end up being something very different. The way that the different knots work together creating different textures and patterns keeps me motivated. I find it really exciting and love to play around with this and hours literally fly by without me noticing!

Talk us through your studio space
I am currently in the process of moving and looking for a studio space, but up until now I have worked out of my bedroom - and sometimes my kitchen and garden! I am lucky to also have a spare room to work in sometimes so I have been able to have interns come and help. It can definitely be quite difficult making these kind of pieces without much space so I hope to find a bigger space to work in.

What can you exclusively tell us about your SS13 collection?
I am working on developing my techniques to create more wearable pieces as well as intricate showpieces, but without losing their handmade charm. I am experimenting with incorporating new fabrics too and continuing to make jewellery pieces alongside the clothing.

Sounds very exciting. Finally, what’s planned for you over the next few months?
Over the next few months I will be looking into moving into a studio space, continuing with the website development and of course designing and making my SS13 collection. September will be here in no time!

Make sure you keep up to date with Eleanor's antics via her website, her Twitter or Facebook page.

Interview and text by Editor Cass Gowing, Images taken by Eleanor Amoroso