FASHION FRIDAY| Insider Interview with Personal Stylist in London

Baartmans & Siegel, VFS designer presenting AW12, a favourite of Personal Stylist in London. 

This week's Insider Interview is a double whammy, Suds Singh, the founder of Personal Stylist in London was accompanied by  fashion blogger Hannah Balsdon (Dress to Please Yourself). 

VFS: First of all, thank you for taking the time out to talk to us. Can you tell VFS a little bit about Personal Stylist in London and what you do/who have you styled for?
SS: Personal Stylist in London really started as a labour of love! Until a few years ago I could never quite get the killer look I was after.  It was only until I made an appointment with a stylist 3 years ago that I finally found the image and confidence I was looking for. So I took a personal styling course and sought about introducing a styling service just for men.
Of course we do get excited about working with celebrities and media companies but our target market is the everyday man! Nothing gives me and the team more satisfaction then knowing we have transformed someone’s self-image or the way they feel about themselves! 

VFS: You recently featured a piece on VFS designer Baartmans & Siegel on your site – what interested you about this designer?
HB; I am really interested in designers/labels that combine a respect for tradition with a modern outlook and approach; Baartmans & Siegel present a fresh, innovative and above all modern take on traditional men's tailoring, I find it inspiring. Many brands either just nostalgically rehash past fashions or design clothes that, while innovative, are completely impractical, Baartmans & Siegel create practical clothes, clothes smart enough to wear to the office but are far more interesting and modern than normal attire. 

VFS: Do you often use emerging designers as opposed to established labels whilst styling?
SS: Our sites get a lot of hits from people looking for fashion advice, and the site is on the first page for a lot of keywords. So instead of featuring brands and designers everyone has heard of we like to have a mixture of both old established and new and underexposed! We love discovering exciting British talent and giving them a voice. 

VFS; What other VFS designers (past and present) have you used?
SS: I believe Baartmans & Siegel was our first VFS brand and hopefully first of many! 

VFS: What designer do you think is set to be the next big thing?
HB: I really don't know what designer will be the next big thing, the fashion industry can be very unpredictable. I really hope however than in the next few years there is a flowering of creativity within the industry and that designers come up with exciting modern designs that reflect the way we live today.

VFS: What’s your styling tip for SS12?
SS: Invest in quality pieces! The old adage is true buy right or buy twice!

Interview by Editor Cass Gowing. 
Images from Personal Stylist in London and Alina Negoita