NEWS| Exclusive Insight into Pam Hogg for The Hunger

Vauxhall Fashion Scout designer and all-round cultural icon Pam Hogg will be featured in The Hunger, out May 10th. Biannual mag The Hunger is Rankin's new-comer and fourth magazine in publication, alongside Fashion Scout favourites Dazed & Confused, AnOther and AnOther Man.  

VFS caught up with The Hunger's Assistant Editor Amelia Phillips to chat all things Pam Hogg: 
"Pam is heavily involved in this issue. She actually styled a shoot of her own collections from the past 4 years - it was shot in the streets of Bermondsey. As well as that, we've got an intimate interview with Pam. She tells us how heavily music has influenced her work and how she fell into design but discovered a love for it. She explains that although the way she works means that operating within the industry can be tough, there's nothing else she'd rather do."

Issue 2 is out on 10th May plus their website launch on May 14th, both not to be missed. 

By Editor Cass Gowing, 
T: @CassGowing
Images from Rowan Papier, video from Hunger TV