NEWS| Henry Holland spotted in Joseph Turvey

The last week has been very busy for Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Joseph Turvey. Not only was he interviewed by VFS following his return from Shanghai Fashion Week, but a couple of celebs have been spotted wearing his label. 

First of all, designer/DJ/VFS fan Henry Holland was featured in an editorial spread for XOXO The Mag wearing Mr Turvey's Navy Lace Jacket and Shirt. HH was then spotted - by none other than Vogue Italia -  at Snowdon Blue's launch by Acne Studios wearing another Joseph Turvey number. 

Eponymous singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf, on his world tour, decided to join Henry by donning Joseph Turvey's lace shirt but this time it was teamed with Joseph Turvey's lace shorts. 

Relive the looks on the VFS catwalk with our exclusive video. 

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By Cass Gowing, Editor. 
Images from XOXO The Mag and Vogue Italia