COLLECTIONS| Baartmans and Siegel SS13

“Refined menswear, incorporating classic cuts… designed for today’s modern gent” was the official spin on “Ones to Watch”, Baartmans and Siegel’s Spring/Summer collection; though that's selling it a bit short. There's more depth to the “Baartmans man” than that, be it through the textured tiers of “broken shell” paillettes, against smooth pistachio silks; or on a more literal plane, by way of the Cuban shore-side influence referenced by the Dutch-English duo.

It’s the easy, “summer cool” of Cuban island life that you see translated in the pair’s refined, lightweight tailoring, and crisp-Swiss cottons; the grill-rift bottoms, and open-stitch knits adding to the airy nonchalance of the Baartmans boy- the sort of boy you’d watch breezing by poolside cabanas, between sips of your Rum Collins (where Wouter and Amber had us at look six).

Relaxed, and “comfortably cool”, subtlety breezes through the collection; neon-marl jersey bottoms, and pearlescent sheen shorts, daring in the detail, but downplayed for daily wear.
However, enter Baartmans and Siegel’s established design persona- infusing classicism by form; modernity by finish- and you have the bolder pieces that both make the collection, and allow for the Baartmans "boy" to become man. 
Deconstructed nappa leathers, and opalescent, embossed-croc suits finished their Spring/Summer, showing that Baartmans and Siegel permit, and provide leverage to either elevate, or reign-in classicism, and modernity respectively; correspondent to how brave you're willing to be. 

We don't expect you to head out, and grab a coffee in head-to-toe mock-croc, but a little broidery anglaise 'n' sparkle isn't going to scare the barista off...