COLLECTIONS| Joseph Turvey SS13

“One-to-Watch” Joseph Turvey is fresh out of uni- having shown his MA just back in February- but four months on, and the LCF grad is already presenting a follow-up collection, premiering his Spring/ Summer '13 at this weekend’s London Collections: Men.

Inspired by “amidst-the-action” Attenborough, Turvey’s SS'13 is heavy on the foliage: jungle vines, and florals from the ankle-up, with magenta-blossom motif suits, and drip-tip-leaf print “dad shirts”- though markedly cooler than your “Dad”'s weekend get-up.

Turvey’s tropic-tree influence is more deep-rooted in his Spring/Summer than the conspicuous prints, though- with the jungle’s silk-greenery reflected in fern-green silk-printed shirts; the face of his-signature illustrated-boy staring back at you from the centre.
It’s also in the interjecting darker lace-knit co-ords that you come to understand there’s more to this young designer than currently understood. Turvey's less reliant on vivid colour than you might initially assume, and conceptually, explores more than is-obvious- with the jungle-green weft-knit two-piece bringing to mind a sense of entrapment; a darker facet to the theme; an insight into how he might grow as a designer.

Ultimately, Joe- in manner of design, and person- is vibrant, and whimsical, and- on the whole- a lot of fun, so “colourful”, and “sat-sitting-in-a-garland befriending chimps” is the predominant image you might leave smiling to yourself with- it’s just not the only one. Especially when you’re reminded that the tech-smart knits, and heat-reacting hibiscus is the work of a new-graduate, just two collections in…
See the collection in full here.

Images and text, Sara McAlpine (sara_mcalpine)