NEWS| Myrza de Muynck in Because Magazine

Myrza de Muynck, the recent Central Saint Martin’s graduate and VFS 'One To Watch' continues to turn heads with her reimagining of eighties staple; the shell suit. Previously featured in TANK, and now Because magazine, the young designer’s knack for transforming ubiquitous 80s and 90s "looks" is being recognised for being at the forefront of the shell suit's reinvention.

The guys over at Because visited Myrza at her studio to take a closer look at the inspirations and ideas behind the designs.
Speaking of her unique juxtaposition between luxe 1920s embroidery, and the 90s “trashy” sportswear aesthetic, Because highlights Myrza’s talent for effortlessly marrying the two opposed images to produce a feminine, streetwise "cool".

Her designs call upon many influences from her upbringing in Holland; her grandmother’s style; and relationships with friends. The video takes you into the studio and gives you a more personal perspective of the work of this exciting young designer.

For the video, and more images click here.
Text by Vanessa Omoregie (@wewearblack)