NEWS| Raffaele Ascione talks 'Drop Everything' Festival

Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Raffaele Ascione recently attended Ireland’s ‘Drop Everything’ Festival as a guest-speaker, sharing insight into the industry, and imparting some of his personal fashion wisdom.

London-based Raffaele hasn’t always been based in the city, and started his fashion education in Limerick; so attending the festival was a case of getting back to his design-roots, and speaking to creatives whose position he once shared. We caught up with Raffaele after the Arts and Culture fest to find out how it went, and to hear about his weekend highlights.

“It went really well… it was really nice to be back where I started, as my fashion education started out [here] in Limerick…. And the festival vibes were amazing, as there were so many artists invited from London, New York, Iceland and Ireland.”

… and Raffaele revealed he’s no one-trick [design] pony when we asked for his weekend-best-bits, showing he can try his hand at any construction technique:

“The highlight was my workshop with one of the original old ladies, who was part of the Aran-Knit generation. I was knitting with her… it felt really overwhelming.”

To find out more about ‘Drop Everything’ fest, and to keep tabs on when it next takes place, visit the website here. Be sure to also follow Raffaele on Twitter @ascione_studio for Spring/Summer ’13 updates.