NEWS| 'The Tautz Woman'- E. Tautz in Vogue

Back during Fashion Week in February, we spoke to model, and BFC ambassador, Laura Bailey about the Autumn/ Winter E. Tautz show; unsurprisingly Bailey- like us- "want[ed] everything in an extra, extra small!", and she wasn't the only one, either, with women claiming the knitwear pieces were top of their Winter wish-lists post-show.
We shared Bailey's comments with E. Tautz designer, Patrick Grant, and he had this to say:

"... I don't mind whether it's a guy, or a girl that wants it. I mean, ultimately, they're masculine pieces, but we sell knitwear to girls- we make small sizes- and we make bespoke for women in the shop."

... but what of a line dedicated to just women? Well, Grant's other half, jewellery designer Katie Hillier discussed the possibility- or more, the desire- for E. Tautz womenswear to come into fruition with British Vogue- details of which you can find online here.

Without seeming biased, we're keen to see this happen, but what do you think? Tweet us your thoughts @FashionScout, and check out the rest of our E. Tautz interview here.