NEWS| TO BE FRANK SS12 review by Huffington Post and Idol Mag

Showcasing her Spring/Summer 2013 collection at the London Collections, menswear designer Frank Phillips kicked things off with a presentation celebrating simplicity and modernity with an array of bright colours.
The Ones To Watch designer sparked intrigue and praise from The Huffington Post as well as IDOL magazine, both commenting on her use of colour and unique story. A whimsical approach to the modern man’s wardrobe, IDOL Magazine took a closer look at nautical inspirations behind the collection which told the tale of Great Aunt Fifi. Using her heritage and remarkable story, Frank Phillips has picked up the elements that add nostalgia and charm to the clean-cut shapes of the collection. It’s this simplicity that The Huffington Post speaks of as pieces to be added to the staple wardrobe. A style that “tends to the sartorial need of the modern gentleman”, where a sense of utility is what is important. Whilst sock suspenders and primary colours have everyone charmed, as TOBEFRANK reminds us of the child within.

Read the Huffington Post and Idol articles. 
By Vanessa Omoregie
Images from above websites